Calculating floorspace: how many square metres of laminate do I need?

It can bevery easy to figure out how much laminate is needed to cover a floor, but occasionally it can also be tricky. If a room has a complex geometry, it’spossible to be fooled. We have therefore put together a few tips here to helpy ou avoid buying far too much laminate or – even more annoying – not enough.

Calculating how much laminate is required

Ideally, you can use the floor plan of your house or flat to calculate a given room’s area. But if this option isn’t available, you’ll have to get out the tape measure and do it by hand. It’s easiest when rooms are rectangular or square –then you only need to measure the length and width and multiply them. Finished!

If you have a room with recessed corners, niches, bay windows or similar features,it’s only slightly more difficult: separately measure each part and then addthem up.

We recommend that you buy 10% more than the calculated area to allow for scrap.This includes sawn-off bits and pieces of panels that can’t be used anywhere else. And if you have particularly unusual rooms with acute or obtuse angles, lots of doors or heating pipes, get even more – you’re likely to need it.

Laminateflooring comes in packs of several panels each. The exact number of panels canvary, and so can their dimensions, depending on the décor and thickness. As a rule, the total number of square metres is indicated on the outside of the pack. This information can help you quickly figure out how many packs you’ll need for your room.

It’s a good idea to keep any leftover panels and skirting board in case any repairs are required later.

How many metres of skirting board do I need?

The required amount of skirting board depends on the room’s circumference. Simply measure the length of each section of wall that will require skirting board, including all corners and niches. Only leave out the door apertures. With skirting board as well, the rule of thumb is to add 10% to allow for scrap.

Calculation tools

At the end of each décor description here on the KRONOTEX website, you’ll find a calculation tool. Simply enter the figures on your room to find out its area and how many packs of laminate flooring you’ll need.

Alternatively, you can calculate the area and circumference in the Simply click the button for information on the left, then choose “Estimate amount”.Here you can find out not only the square metres, but also the required number of packs of the laminate you have chosen.