MY WEATHER: Aqua Robusto Collection
Water Resistant with Aqua Pearl System

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, the Catania Oak décor of the AQUA ROBUSTO collection rises to the occasion.

It enhances indoor comfort while taking rainwater carried in on shoes and clothing in stride. All AQUA ROBUSTO décors boast an innovative technology which enables them to repel water for up to 24 hours (as shown by performance tests carried out by the North American Laminate Floor Association). This is achieved with a highly swell-resistant core board and a tightly fitting interlocking system.

he AQUA ROBUSTO collection, belonging to utilisation class 33, comprises no fewer than 9 décors. Featured here, Catania Oak excellently harmonises with autumn hues thanks to its broad chromatic palette ranging from yellow across medium brown to dark brown. It injects a sense of strength and stability into any room.

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